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Blending Gone Wrong

Blending Gone Wrong

 blending, contouring, streaks, flawless blend

If you are like me and don't know much about the science of blending makeup then you will want to stop scrolling and pay attention.  To start, I've never heard someone be accused of over blending but unfortunately, I have heard on many occasions someone be accused of under blending or not blending enough. So what went wrong?

Blending Defined

To understand what went wrong let's start with the definition of blending so there is common understanding.  Blending is the act of working small or large quantities of makeup on to your face to create a seamless finish.  The importance of blending can never be overstated.  Blending involves getting makeup to be absorbed properly into your skin to avoid streaks, harsh lines, and patches.  These inconsistencies can ruin your look and cause your makeup to look rough.  If don't incorrectly, blending can have the opposite effect of the desired look. So getting it right is vital to achieving the look you want.

How Does Blending Work?

The techniques you use and the makeup tools needed can vary depending on which area of the face you’re working on, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup blending tutorials from beauty influencers below. 

How to Blend Foundation

Blending your foundation is the first step tworad a flawless makeup result.  To learn how to apply foundation so that is looks natural and fully blended see the beginner-friendly tutorial from Nina Ubhi.  In the below video, she uses a sponge to achieve a smooth finish.

 How to Blend Contour

Contouring adds depth and dimension to the skin.  If done properly the onlooker would never know that your face has been contoured.  In this video, Ale Jay shows how to seamlessly apply contour and highlight to different areas of the face for a sculpted appearance.

How to Blend Eyeshadow

Whether you’re picking up an eyeshadow brush for the first time or just need a few pointers, check out this tutorial from Alexandra Anele. In it, she explains how to nail any eyeshadow look from start to finish. If you’re new to applying eyeshadow, just remember that mastering a perfectly blended eye gets easier with practice

 How to Blend Blush

 Flushed cheeks go with pretty much any makeup look, and blending is the key to making them appear natural. In this tutorial from Amanda Z, she shares three ways to apply blush with various techniques and placements for a rosy glow that enhances your face shape.

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