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The name Obsidian Beauty® is a registered trademark and simply means natural beauty.  We define natural beauty as being comfortable with who you are and defining your own kind of beauty. Whether you enhance your beauty with hair, makeup or accessories an Obsidian Beauty® is a woman of great confidence.  There is freedom in understanding that we are fearfully and wonderfully created by God and that each of us are precious in His sight.  Understanding we are all precious, Obsidian Beauty® strives to deliver products that are ethically sourced and contain nutrients that edify the body.

 Our skin care line is manufactured in Houston, TX and the cosmetic line is manufactured in Canada. We do our best to assure our products contain natural ingredients because we believe looking good and feeling good are one in the same.  Our soaps are all made from scratch using quality plant-based oils to rejuvenate and unclog pores.  These soaps are packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins.